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The Value of Tarrytown Healthy Living

Healthy living. How do you define that? Do you live it? What are healthy living behaviors? Tarrytown Chiropractic is all for healthy living. Tarrytown Chiropractic sees chiropractic care as a healthy behavior! Tarrytown chiropractic patients can believe their Tarrytown chiropractor to be a guide to the healthy lifestyle behaviors that can not only help them deal with current spine pain issues but also avent future bouts of spine pain, neck pain, and back pain, and other health issues that are best prevented.


What are some healthy behaviors? A good diet. Exercise. Not smoking. Low/No alcohol intake. Those sound about right, do they not? A new study described that men who abided by more of these healthy choices had decreased possibility of long duration low back pain and women for neck pain. (1) Consuming fruit and vegetables is an additional favorable healthy behavior. This in addition to the other behaviors appeared to decrease the possibility of developing long term upsetting low back pain in women and even potentially better the prognosis of low back pain relief. (2) Participating in a community based musculoskeletal physiotherapy program improves the health-related quality of life for patients. (3) Utilizing a lumbar support orthosis increases postural control when standing on unlevel ground.  This may be especially helpful for patients with non-specific low back pain as they are prone to be more unstable. (4) Tarrytown Chiropractic works with our Tarrytown back pain patients on their balance and proprioception to help improve their steadiness.


Choice of care for health care issues encourages more healthy behaviors. When patients are able to choose their provider for back pain or neck pain relief (in one study: physical therapy care), costs were lower than if they went to their medical doctor first and were referred. Direct access results in a difference in costs and outcomes. (5) A study of women and their choices of providers for back pain relief reports that their familiarity with the doctor’s treatment, social network endorsements, geographical proximity, and credentials of the doctor prompted their choice. (6)


Schedule your Tarrytown chiropractic appointment today. It is your choice to discover the path to a healthy life and pain relief when needed.

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